If you would like to work with me in the fields of…

  • poetry, dance, visual arts, soundscape, theatre or other creative arts

    I am open to give workshops catered to the audience
    I am also open to co-creations with other artists

    I have studied and worked with multimodal expressive arts and dance-movement therapy with varied groups and individuals.

  • love, sexuality, gender harmony, emotional release or sensual play

    I am open to have a conversation and to listen with full presence.
    I can help bring you into the body awareness to hear its truth.
    I accept you just as you are in your core and am able to witness that unfold.
    If I can offer guidance, hands-on touch or any helpful reference, I will do so.

  • establishing a conscious gardening, living, evolving nature temple

    I am interested in living in a communal space, mainly spending time in the outdoors.
    I can offer my cooking skills, my love for plants, my group process facilitation, my hugs, smiles and kisses, my meditation and movement practice and my wish is to be open to those who seek to grow and keep evolving in their lives, minds, hearts and bodies.