14 months ago in the embrace of divine love


(NOTE: This is originally a letter to a dear friend that never got sent, but should’ve always been known, so may the record be kept and carried to all friends through the cyber archive.
By all means it is not a complete story, nor a final truth, but a personal revelatory moment of which we are all capable of having multiple times through our journey in Life. Peace.)

Beloved Sister Soul

May this ink bring good spirits, benevolent guides
and all fruits you may wish to delight with.

I AM close to the sacred Amazon-river, along a smaller, yet abundant river, sheltered by the jungle and her ever-vibrant life. I AM COMPLETELY BLESSED – kissed by the rain and sun in this great School of Life with the mother of dreamworld, Ayahuasca.

I know now she has been with me since a long time,
teaching me through nights of revelations, rememberances, resurrections
and in a way that is so intelligent – for dreamtime knows no time
and it is actually here, in this hour in the jungle
that I create my life history again.

I have become conscious, simply, of the astral dimension.
Having cleaned the physical blockages, the body is at rest and at peace,
the mind stays humble now as the feeling takes over.


This truth of being is a great feat
to serve humanity
through prayer and action,
word and touch
– whatever will be needed.

I don’t know how to recount the blessing of our latest ceremony *(I am on a 16-day self-governed retreat taking place in my jungle hut with walls made of mosquitonet, floor of wood and roof of palm branches) but I must write to you this good news.

Through the dreams you may already know, if lucidity strikes, but timing there can be fickle so I best confirm in this dimension the LIGHT and GRACE that has been trickling into my consciousness, since 2008 and now as a constant presence of awareness
I am aware of my existence,
my purpose to be here right now in this embodiment,
I am aware of the earth’s transcendence
and our eventual, eminent return to soul realm
and finally to God

All beings on this planet must realize this True Essence of Being *LOVE* and begin to create reality on this planet according to this majestic divine principle. It is  already happening in so many levels, in so many ways and all we -must- is to BE the LIGHT, SPREAD the LIGHT, travel light and BLESS and heal when we can.

Yes, this we know and accept as our task, I see your shining GRACE as you journey on.
As I am settling into the TRUST and AWE of awareness I still rejoice in this seclusion to learn to pray with absolute conviction, to listen to these souls around me and hear their process, and offer help if I can, in a subtle way, sometimes – MOST times – a prayer is sent off in song or silence.

During the ceremony I formed a close relation with
his grace supporting mine and mine his,
as I travelled 2000yrs down
to show & tell his yet unsermoning self
via the dream state channel
what the world is to become
and how much faith, love, prayer and power is placed in his name
– despite all the hidden and false representation –
somehow the ripple of his Ascension is still sustaining GOD in so many peoples.
If I am to speak in his honor, many hearts are to open
and to pray in his name is a key to touch the core of faith in so many souls.

As the night progressed on, after I came to my time and space again,
I opened my eyes and felt a blessing descend upon me from this ray of Christ energy.
It came from an Ascended Christ, a flow of divine GRACE that flooded all of my being, body/heart/mind/soul and I could only sit, with eyes open and flowing with tears.


(NOTE: I do not dare to alter what I have once stated, for it is the truth at that time. However, when I recount this tale to you NOW, over a year later, I wish to add how many more pieces have come in, particularly in connection to the reality and the story of Jesus – which is connected to but not the whole of CHRIST energy. The ray that JC represents for us is filled with clear, unconditional love and grace, always.)


Another magnificent story from a previous ceremony:

As I am dieting with some herbal teas that are teaching me more in conjuction to Aya – moringa and hibiscus – which both happen to connect me with the mother continent, the theme of my retreat was about relationship to her.

Again and even now,
I have spent countless moments and many ceremonial journeys
revisiting the faces, the streets, smells, and colours of her.
At times it has felt very odd not to be there,
as I recognize her surface more and more,
as a home.

Well, to help my dilemma, after a second cup of medicine
I crawled back into covers and closed my eyes.
Suddenly a majestic, colossal spirit presence flooded my being
– as the whole continent of Africa came to me –
the faces with their emotions carried so strong,
the landscapes, morphing through history
the WHOLE being that is the Spirit of her… was with me.
I could not contain – I shook, I cried, wailing, I laughed, tears falling in humility
and I beckoned her to take a form more conceivable to me
and so I faced a Great Mother Gorilla.
So gentle and wise – her incredible beauty and peace silenced me
and I lay there a long time with her, becoming a gorilla myself,
or was it her in me, as we listened to the sounds of the jungle.
And it was enough to be with her
– the wisdom transmitted non-vocal,
felt and experienced

and I am grateful for Ayahuasca for facilitating this connection.

Africa, she is my true mother. This does not solve the mystery of my destiny there in this lifetime, but I know with what reverence I will return.


So now, I am to leave the jungle and her magical plant medicine
and do what exactly with this realized state of flow?

I simply feel blessed.

I have abundance of places to visit and souls to interact with.

Spread love.

I am bound only to follow my divine heart.

If it is time to visit the Mother (and oh, she will call me) so I might find myself in Ethiopia.

There is so much time to live & dream – and in my dreams I am working too – so actually it is hard to determine where the borders of reality are.

What is less hard to define is the number of itchy mosquito bites.

Thanks to them I have not yet sank into too deep a meditation, or bliss.

Just this.

March 2016
Tarapoto, Peru


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