Beloved Embodied Soul

This is the page I offer you my services.

If you are passionate about soul evolution, embodied living and using your creative power to design your life, please contact me for any of the following:

  • Skype sessions on Embodiment & Shadow integration, counselling on relationships to yourself and/or others (25-40e)
  • Massages & Bodywork (specializing in opening blockages, activating the body as whole, deep relaxation, Sacred Spot* work and removing energetic blocks) (60e-100e)
  • Dakini sessions – a form of healing through sacred sexuality, working through karmic, energetic, physical and mental traumas, blockages, fears, desires, (120-200e) more information in this great description: Dakini tantra sessions
  • Workshops on Temple Arts – Exposing the divinity in us, working with Archetypal energies through creative movement & arts, authentic relating and sensuality, in a community process
  • I am also interested in creative collaborations and facilitation – particularly visiting existing (eco)communities and holding a week of relating, embodiment and shadow intergration with group process

Contact via skype: mademoisellemia
Contact via email:

I will be ALL OVER Europe all summer, ask for availability!

(coming soon) – if you want to give one, email it to above!

On my Experience:
I have spent 20+ years of my life in a path dedicated to Heart and Soul, embodiment and healing of the psyche and the shadow. Since experiencing and healing my own panic attacks at the age of 8 to 13, and then dealing with seasonal depression through my adolescense, I am familiar with the dark side in us all and how to face it, express it and clear it.

I’ve studied Creative Arts therapies, Dance/Movement therapy, Sacred Sexuality and Tantra, Deep Ecology and Community (Group) Process.
The schools I’ve attended and continue studying with: ISTA (, Codarts University Dance/Movement therapy, African Kemetic Yoga and Agama yoga, Sadhana Forest (permaculture), Gaia Education & Global Ecovillage Network and School of Life, the Universe and Everything.

I also have over 10 years of experience working  with psychedelic plant medicine in ceremonial, natural or isolated settings, please ask for advice or integration assistance.
I do not hold ceremonies because I feel this work is between the individual and the plant and the work of conscious integration to daily life is where assistance is needed most.

I am passionate about authentic interactions and healing communities and generally working to make us all EMBODIED INDIVIDUALS fully aware of heart/soul/our inner masculine and feminine energies. This all flows in the great pool of LOVE – in all its manifestations, romantic, divine, planetary and cosmic.

The work I do with sexuality is for healing the psyche, the body and the emotional system. Healthy sexuality is the key to life force! It is about being aware of our own needs and how to take care of them, communicating openly with our partner(s) and using orgasmic energy for the creative, loving expression of divine on this earth.


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