Banging on the door


There is only fear and love (in all its variations)
And I’m loving the fear all the same.

Only way to break through to the other side.

Loving all my failed attempts to reach out to connect.
Loving all the times I was the one to let go of a hand, reaching out.
Crying for lost opportunities to speed up the process of unfolding of
The Heart of humanity, beating
stronger with every loving stroke

STRIKE ME HARDER, lightning rod!

Until I explode.


Belonging to the tribe of lovers
entitles me to confess in the great altar of Love
Always and every time something touches, vibrates, elevates or lifts my spirits
And I am only learning through trial and error
the difference between the greater cause and obsessive thought

If there is one

Sing out. Loud.

I cannot help myself, confess
I don’t want to shut down anymore, I’ve come a long way

Out of the cave

Dragging the corpses of failed attempts with me.

Of what, you ask?
Of speaking with my heart, not with the mind.
Of writing down the most beautiful song line that passed my sleepy head by.
Of betrayals, and heartaches, f*cked up relationships
where we stab at each other, repeatedly, for all the fault that is
none of ours, and all that is.


I am here to solve the mystery of Love.

I am banging on his door, 24/7. Often, I am let in.

I am here to bring myself to orgasms, and speak in tongues that matter
to the lost souls, the mothers, the ones behind veils but so willing to shine brighter.

Come out, my Lovers!

Let’s build a world not based on rejection, but honesty.

This is where I am, at this moment, see me.
Feel me, hear me – heal me with presence.
That’s all.

I AM LOVE. I am banging on your door!

Where are you, when no one’s home?
It’s ok, I’ll come back, again and again, in another form, another face.
I know you are scared. I am scared.

There is only fear and love (and all their variations).

And I am loving the fear, all the same.





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