The Jungle Juice is Calling

So reluctant to let the beast out.

What is there to be worried about?

The jungle calls and swiftly devours the body,
the black juice of the river barely flowing
congested by life, packing fuller and fuller, deeper and deeper,
the essence of nature coming tighter together
whilst the pollution expands,
Life contracts?


What if it is just a vision?
A dream of the night bygone.
The gripping sensation that took over my being yesterday,
as I howled and screamed with his tongue inside me
opening the way to the river depths,
as if all life beckoning me to come out of hiding
let the howl sound, loud, louder now

In the pavements as much as in the forest floor
rippling long matt notes with an astral echo
for the dying beasts of the jungle
and the ones to come, buzzing, to replace them all.

Speak for these critters, speak for the insects, speak for the irritants of human race
the buzzers, the engines, the surprise drone that lingers

The beasts inside growing bigger now, they have been waiting for their feed patiently
for me to step on the soil of this earth, barefoot, baresouled, naked and trembling
vulnerable, not weak
courageous, not escaping
fulfilling my inimitable role in this reality
willing to be no one
so I could speak for us all.

Jungle juice is calling
jungle juice is calling

Murmurs of the invisible cat in the undergrowth
choir of cicadas above the first floor
surround sound of birds all over, all over
reaching high and low, as the leaves do
and my roots must sink deeper
my voice become as thick as the mud I represent

I am this existence
I am this existence

Dirt, soft, sinking soil, pressed paws
biting pests, colonies upon colonies
in a rush to populate what living space is left
The air is teaming with moisture and nutrients
the apothecary of jungle spirits has concocted another medicine
for this disease, this ease

For too long, life has been made too simple
encouraging the ignorance of the whole
This life – outdoors – is rich with danger
as much as shelter,
as much acceptance
as challenge
as much is dead
as is dying.

The sick animals come to greet first
offering themselves up to the mutated gods
while the alpha creatures scatter and go deeper
defending their secrets,
laying their traps
only the naked eye and subtle ear can sense their presence
the hairs will rise up in most intimate patches

And an eye to eye
will tell
of our inability to relate
with our own WILD

Yes, I’ve lived in the jungle my whole life
she whispers, the panther
I’ve heard the stories of this age and others
taught by direct experience, the dialogue
between the species and spirits
the stars give us their guardians
the earth its own guidance
the air and rain fall down with news of the world outside
it all blends together here
it starts to whisper a new tale
of how it all got here
building layers of timber to be consumed again
packing stone together
slipping diamonds in

The rush of primal desire I get from biting your neck
compares to nothing else
the clench of my jaw, the embrace of teeth
calling for the heartbeat under your skin
calling for our spirits to unite
binding this marriage of providing for each other

Your prayer, my sin
the tides colliding

The queen of ants is about to get us
industrious and obsessive are her kindlins
The king of beasts has given into his aggression
arising frustration
territorial feuds
not enough offspring
to keep expanding

the age of mammals is soon over
we feel it, as predators
it churns our bowels
the hunger
to feed
to breed
to go deep
but the fire’s rising from all sides
the age of composters looms around
like the lush scent of mould and decay
the critters they never sleep, busy

eating us alive
eating us alive.




One thought on “The Jungle Juice is Calling

  1. In my technological cocoon, I feel the faintest touch of this Call that speaks through you, so raw and powerful, and it sets my heart a-pounding. Come, peril. Come, exhilarating and wild breath of life, set me free of this stifling, stinking web of dead and dying stories. Let the moment come new, fresh, unpredictable. No one here to cling to anything, just the one life pulsing, ebb and flow. Everything is turning upside down, inside out, back to paradise, through turbulence and seeming chaos.

    Om Shakti Om Shiva
    Shakti Namah Shiva Namah


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