Thoughts on the way

The race of man to explore, to conquer, claim possession of and in every way objectify this planet has been a feat of the mind, mainly. It is one of those basic laws – the universe is mental, created from thought to form, I think and therefore I am to become… a conqueror.

There is a heart side to it, as well as an animal side. The heart wants to connect, to unify, to understand and feel and experience. It is a big part of why we would travel the world to find something new – ultimately retrieving parts of ourselves from the unknown.

The sensations we feel in different parts of the world are precious. Even more precious than the scientific discoveries. Our territorial nature is part of the instinctual strive to survive, something that until this day governs us unless we find a way to make our animal nature more altruistic. The greatest thing we can discover is the patterns of our unconscious behavior and where they rise from.

I watched a documentary of men discovering the Antarctic condition. Many decades of research, journeys and long harsh conditions in extreme climate. Piling snow, putting it under microscope, measuring the radiation… And I sense the coming together of the thrill of discovery, the appreciation of aesthetic beauty of the frozen desert, the wonderful feeling of survival against odds, the gratitude and humbleness that comes with experience.

Once you’ve been down there (whatever your exploratory journey has been), once you’ve seen it and got the results, you begin to understand the global scale of things. In the case of Antartica, how the glacier is withdrawing here and the island is drowning there. How the ashes of nuclear warfare fall and get stored in ice. But how does every other soul reach that conclusion, how can we aid that process – somehow transferring our own valuable experience.

The findings are simply not enough. The experience, the emotional side of it appeals and sinks in farther down to the unconscious. So many souls yet to discover the “meaning of life”. Where are they?

Stuck at work? In this race of money and disappearance into the oblivion. The durian guy in New York city (in another documentary) has been at work everyday for 15 years with no time to step out. He does have a family, to wish a better life for the children is his raison d’etre, I suppose.

Except there is no next generation. Not at this rate.

Now I try to listen to the wisdom within, because that statement is not mine, it is a fear-based view and it has been injected into my consciousness by the media. To make us shake, to turn into desperation, to struggle to survive, as we have, so far. But I think we need to abandon the mentality of desperation before we get rid of the bad destructive habits.

Alors, my soul speaks, nothing is absolute, the future and past malleable concepts to the tool of our imagination. There is nothing we would not be able to do if we so vision, will and decide. The universe is a mental construction by our communal God-head. Trust the world, trust your own imagination and confirm those dreams you will to live.

Let’s prepare for the new beginning as the shadows of the past come and crash all our dreamy illusions about ‘what life is about’. The skeleton of the world remains. Hold on to love or fear but moreover trust the process. After the year gone by I feel that the more I purge out the ugly truths I’ve been holding on to the more I can accomodate the new revelations coming up from every nook and corner and tap.

Here’s my personal list of manifesto 2017 (I do not know about the consequence of sharing it with you all, but life is a risky biz and I am betting on openess):

I will to be financially free. Trusting that by doing what I love, the means to continue will be provided. Saying yes to the opportunities and finding the means after.

I will to be in love with the people I meet, the places I visit, because I will to be in love most of my life and I find it resonates from the places and faces back to me. It increases the love frequency in the world. Love is invisible, but powerful. It pulls me from the other side of the world to another. It makes us irrational and alive. It is the great teacher. And there are ever more depths to uncover.

What I love, I attract, I become.

Somethings that I love, this year, recently.

I love Mexico, the smell of cacao, the clear cenotes, the magical pyramid civilizations in the jungles, the combination of chili, coriander, lime, corn and avocado. The people’s openness and creativity. My past life that had me writing a book on a beach in the house of an old man.. the book that I didn’t finish, or publish. Return to that ought to be in the stars. Finish it, they whisper. Write, powered by this delicious earth.

I love Africa. I don’t know which part calls me most, but my body LONGS for the touch, the smell, the visual pleasure of it. The vibrancy of the people’s life force, their joy that is my joy. My life, my destiny awaits for me there, that much I know. So why do I stall?
Because it is BIG, it is POWERFUL, it is the place where I am reborn and I die, every time. Without being dramatic about it – I just know that love this strong, the desire and motivation and adoration and the feeling of home amounts to something. Perhaps it is the place of my second book. Let’s go by continents. Let’s write about the places and what they wish to tell us. First stop Antarctica. I wish to speak to it, like an old friend. As I spoke to the Nile (more about that another time).

I love this earth. All of it. To lie on it, to breathe in the forest, listening to it. It brings out the wild animal in me that also wishes to camouflage in the scenery. Sometimes meetings others of the same species.

I could ask some One to come hike with me, come tour this earth, walk the paradise, make love in the hidden corners of it. THAT should be my mission. It WILL be my mission for 2017!

Temples of Love arise on this earth. I am not alone. I am a string in the tapestry of lovers who are loving this earth into a higher frequency. Spreading the gospel of self liberation through truth, through shadow, through the body. The soul is attached to it, don’t worry, it will not leave. Take a leap off that cliff, surrender to the unknown, the fall and the flight!

On that note, I wish you a beautiful solstice retreat and to all my fellow jumpers, have a good flight!

The Fool

So scared and in love with the unknown
at the same time

So ready to jump and yet not
because the feeling of excitement
overruns all rational thought

Everything suddenly shines brighter
vibrates to a new rhythm
sings an unheard melody
and swells to fill the landscape

Until releasing screams

carry the fool home
into the unknown

A cliff becomes just a start
the air in between
this place and the next
is FULL of experience

Each one of us must. Jump.

But take your time
let the light blind your eyes

And feel like a bird
for a blink
of no time to think
Just jump
& pass over to the knowing

of letting go.

No description can be given of the main event
just the aftershocks will take all doubt away

”I am here to stay!”
the world screams
against the body

Of this courageous creature

Whilst all love of existence
is shared between them
in a split second.




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