Dawn of the Day of Judgment

What is happening at #Standing Rock is a global phenomena
telling of the cancerous dis-ease destroying
our common cause – to cleanse

let the pure waters flush our sins

those parts of us that hold the grudge
store the hatred and violence
and force it
to come out
in those around us

Time to own up to our collective shadow
bring a big firey torch and go down
to your personal Hell dungeon
to the inescapable emotions that you left there
for the tv screens and antidepressants to numb away

NOW is the time
because there is only more to come
piling on top of the old shit
this is the real, unmythified, modern version
of Judgment day – ask yourself

Who is to blame?

When did the oil spill on your heart
& who have you not yet forgiven?

Let the one who has never sinned
throw the first stone.

And the rest – brave guardians of nature
the indigenous and alternative people
those pretending to be Pure at Heart
LOOK DOWN before you look up
Search within before you blame what’s up front
for the devastation of all that you held sacred

What does that word mean any way?

Angels do have lower chakras.

How much have we sold our earth bodies for?
Swapped it for diet coke, that factoryfarmed burger
that genetically engineered fat
that has now gathered at your face, tummy and thighs
a tale-telling sign…

We ARE the societal system
the global warming comes from the gasses born in our bowels
for all the stuff undigestable
and what about the water you shit into
every day
before you go and complain about someone else doing the same?

And what about all the porn and prostitution
the industry around sexuality
is our common STD
spreading faster than syphilis
causing more irrepairable damage than boils
and is frankly,
the easiest way in the world to make money

to strip naked
and humiliate yourself in the depths
of your divine ability to create


all these men probing at it
standing on the graves of your ancestors
pulling your children out of their cribs
the day of reckoning IS HERE

What are you going to do
besides standing on a pile of shit?

Let the one who has never sinned
throw the next stone.

How deeply buried is that inner Christ?
How able to observe with unattached compassion is your Buddha?
How at peace with all life is your Mohammad?
When did you last listen to your inner prophet?

He WILL tell you what to do.
But the voices that drown out the soul
consist of all the FEAR, ANGER, SHAME

you haven’t yet admitted.

So, let’s dig through our own closets,
confess – scream out,
there are not enough mental hospitals to contain us
the prisons are full
yes, ‘the system’ our externalized demon
can anesthesize you for life
if you’d rather not LOOK AT YOUR LIFE
with Open Eyes.

Lay off the drugs
Turn off the tv
Listen & Breathe
with how you really FEEL


Who’s fault is that, really?

Now is the time to act
the bells are ringing, alarms sound
the inner enemy is your greatest teacher
take heed
because (if you still need more REASON)
the chaos, the Hell’s fire is only getting bigger
the flames are calling for your confession

My gentle-hearted nation
United in pure body and spirit
time to own up to this shit







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