Sailors slur

“Celebration is in the air
everytime lovers meet and storms arise
from the open sea

Gods come to punish & reward
those who’ve dared to step out of shelter
and take life by the horns!”

so spoke the sailor

reckless or rebellious
innocent or indecent

His songs go out to the ones lost at sea
through grief
lifting them up to heavens
honoring and pitying their courage
to become angels

The ones at shore howl
in house of fears
walls made of nightmares
windows carved of hope
to escape is to perish -yet
only along the path to death
can life be fully accepted

and only after all is lost
can anything be gained”

but no sailor of those mystic waters
returns to earthly customs unaltered
and when he shouts, drunk from truth
to the hungry mobs gathered in taverns
who is to listen or to believe him?

Who is to leave, walk out with him
into the restless arms of adventure?

Alone he exits, just as he came to exist
to make others uncomfortable by his presence

His mothers sleepless nights
and his father only choice to kick him out
his children who learnt to recognize his face from pictures
while his wife wept, weaned, died in delivery
with words of apology to the Great mystery
on her bleeding lips that kissed the night
as her sailor felt the wind turn
and season change upon love’s lift off
her unlived wishes
came to burn his skin & blind his eyes
until there was no more horizon

The Gods kept him at sea
and spoke to him clearer every hour
The crew called him the Old Fool
who once knew
the flavors of life
and now the wrath & riches
waiting for every soul sea-born

and none dared to ask him the question

One day he just disappeared
into the desert island
created out of his dream image.




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