Rumi inspired


I looked for you everywhere
and only found you in my heart

I had only this chance to speak to you
– in dream language
far removed from the earthly plain

Yes, I also looked for your soul
and there I found Pure Love
waiting to flow as an avalanche
down my sunstroked lavastone skin

I looked for you to begin
this conversation with no words
but found no beginning, no end

to my soul’s anxiety
to lose this Present opportunity
and find it in another – perhaps never
before we be born again as starchildren
laughing, looking back at our time on earth
our adventure
in separation

I looked deeper still to find
the sweetness of suffering
like the sobering jump into cold water of spring
in the morning

I looked for you and found this
rollercoaster form of living
in not knowing
the feeling of waiting for the overdue rainy season
for the stone to move from the cave’s entrance
for your eyes to meet mine
in a passing glance
for me to drink of your essence
& nothing else can I call

Life, beloved.


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