A presence in the bottom silt of my reality
past the calm winds that stir the surface,
below the tension,
as the pressure starts to build up,

forcing us to create harmony with the underworld existence
– creatures confronting me from the deep, blue eternity
whales, sharks, unnamed, unseen
things come caress me
as the air escapes my mouth the sounds drown
only awareness left, abound

I swim with all the fish now, sinking deeper & deeper
by the ocean abyss, the stars of the sea and sky by my side
& no more needs…
only faint memories of life above the sea level
this underworld shuts me into such a presence
compressing my looseness into more solid structures
soft and sharp

I wish I could spend this whole existence…
here, content like this

but closer to something else

I would miss,
in time, the caress of another skin,

so much like the cool lick of the sea,
the suprise, the thrill,

the temptation to float and dive,
to OPEN my eyes more & more

deeper & deeper into the unknown..

Should I go on?

*written at Glover Atoll Resort, Belize as I have just learnt to dive




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