Oceanic Love


At the peek of the wave before it crashes

anticipating eruption,
the roar of thunder

I float high above ground
immersed neck deep
in emotion

I feel still,
safe and sound
with only the blue sky
beside me

My weight begins to pull me over
the undertow takes hold of my ankles
preparing to spin me round and round
’til I lose my senses and crash to the sand – –

swallow the sea inside me.

So it comes, starting from the first drop
I feel the pulse of light, the let-go
and I disappear into water
I am no more


than my love,
set free, unbound

deep, majestic as the sea

Only the waters that rise highest
and crash hardest
carving out the bedrock cliffs
imitate my heart’s desires

 I am in love
like a shipwrecked sailor
who surrenders to fate only after
the cries for help have drowned and
the mouth is washed with sand and
the salt crystallizes on the skin and

I lose touch with the surface

There is no return, escape or release
from the overwhelming, violent, clarity of

I float underneath the bed of waves
filled up to my insides

The sea, my love, embraces me
though not able to become me

my corpse will drift to explore the tombs
until the seaweeds dress me in bridal gowns

my life as if I never drowned
drifts on below

until my love is done and the sea
will spit me out

To the shore,
where my feet are stroked gently
by cool tidal teardrops

there, where my mass lies dried, roasted,
into sand.

The sea has taken me,
and the earth shall inherit what is left of me

while the blue sky beside me







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