Morning Revelation


It’s been light for a while
and I dream of angels making love
            like we do

My body is getting used to the shivers
in the start, end and middle of the day
        the ocean ripples

Your name on someone else’s lips
awakens deep appreciation & recognition
       from my eyes to hips

So we are all connected in this
loosely entangled web of life
        across the cosmic skies



Light years just became milliseconds
lakes became my lovers

as far as you entered me, showing
what vibrational harmony is

holding the entire space, where
I became stars, dancing, pulsating

encircling the central sun
swallowed by the seductive night

A seed in me

wisdom of the body moving
in the waves of NOW, carried, guided
held together by an eternity of volume
in which whales swim, singing
BE ing
All the love’s weight
and myself
All the energy’s container.





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