The Loss of a Lover

My love

I wished to write to you
about so many things
but words they did
not appear

but now that they do
in my own space/time

let us be clear

I find myself guilty
to many of Love’s crimes

Call me a Lover
for I cannot change
what is in my nature.

Yes, despite my knowledge of
I wished, at times, to possess you,
especially when lying in bed
emerging into oneness
I held on, lightly
in the never-let-go
and sighed, louder
in the we-both-know

For that measure of infinity
I became you
the mystery
Love’s target, yet not
Love’s final goal
for in order to Love
one must sacrifice all

my skin is the easiest to bare

I am also guilty of consuming
all that I can
in my hunger for romance
holding no cup or measure
wanting & waiting
for the waterfall of
your taste
your desire
adoring words, eyes, hands, lips
connecting me to your soul

How deep can we go
into each other?

Only fear will break the spell
cancel the flow of abundance
Your eyes will tell when
my tongue has slipped

My biggest mistake
was to give you power over
my body
my intuition
my voice
& you took this chance
to im-press me, very manly,
with your interpretation of
how I feel
& what you see

Surely – it is true and right (to your eyes)
and I have my sorrow here
wounded with me, it cries
for both
happiness and impermanence
knowing our dance will be over tomorrow
or the next day
and only love internal
can resurrect us
to time beyond dimensions.





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