The emptiness of understanding the Universe

To not come to it through calculation
gives no authoritative justification
no certificate will ever prove how I’ve

become comprehensive to the language of the All
this literacy leaves no visible evidence
& people think you’ve gone just a bit off
when in fact
I am inside
The    Bigger     Picture

only sending you holiday mementos
in form of phrases like

‘What does it matter?’

You can’t tell an enlightened person
from another, but
Here we are,
Jung, Whitman, Osho & the countless others
you never heard of…
We are all waking up
& never coming back to lies of society
– still holding on to our quirks
exploring the boundless possibilities of personality
whilst remaining complete mysteries
(most of all) to ourselves

It is all happening
inside…all the time…
this alchemical cocktail…of soul, body, heart,    then mind.

Natural order – Harmoniously
in charge
No such thing as tragedy
as my sister Almine said
It is all just tidal waves moving in & out’
the breath work
enough to be amazed
but less reason to be concerned

We are the anonymous legions
of healers, seers, poets and pirates
breaking all boundaries
walking through walls
– imaginary, of course,
like this whole physicality

How tired I am of
being told what to do
as much as making up the rules
– more like traditions anyway

Fragile Futility on planet Earth

today, as here before
Sensemaking is an art
of few sober souls
holding insanity in my throat
or in excess brain activity
mark it down now
I always thought I’d die of a tumor
and before that dying day
I only wish to see some angels
as if
the enlightened can still believe
in anything outside of herself

to know the voice of eternity
Habits should fall away in their own accord
I am tired of
drinking, smoking, even sex
I find procreation useless
But go ahead, make a contribution
to existence
and remember you must witness
it being swift away as well
such is the giving tide

As much as I wish to live in a tree
I’d rather be one
& enjoy making raw chocolate
yet I can’t wait to have no more cravings
of the flesh, heart or over-active imagination

Here’s a fun end-of-the-eve fact
I’ve completely made my self up
& I always knew I would,
I have proof
the girl wrote many a stories
before she chose to live them out
beyond this paper


Don’t get me wrong – I am ever grateful
for all the shadows of experience
& the illumined, saving return of the sun
now I am the One to identify with all that
brought before the windows of
the space shuttle carrying my name

I am humbly extraordinary
sorry, only I couldn’t be a more delirious poet,
or some magic saint
to bless & liberate you
in the swift glaze of fingertips
or between my hips
but…did I really come here just
to experience & embrace


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