A trace of your madness under my skin


A trace of your madness under my skin
My eyes gleam as
I feel the tides rise from within

 even after

 I’ve screamed and I’ve scratched
Torn the demons apart,
The bitter, poisonous blood still
runs through my heart

and so

Every now and then
the world turns
Black and blue, green and red
– all the shades of the sheets
once white,
now stained


Deep shadows etching my thoughts
personified by your presence beyond
My nip/tuck nightmares
A voice echoing through my spine
Makes me shiver for the killer
You deliver


brings slaughter and release
from the pain that is larger
than the fear of no future
maybe then I can appease


Negative illusions
through the lenses of insanity
That bring obscure reflections of
“I believe I love you still”


There is no me in relation to you
only planted personalities:
the passive aggressive, the obsessed devotee
and the raped innocent


I cannot let go, I know you won’t
I have become your rotting hatred
towards me
and still

for this

I love you more.

A trace of your madness under my skin
I must bury it deeper within.


*(This is my authentic emotion in an unhealthy relating.. if you feel touched, feel free to write to me and ask about this topic.)



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