You Are Free

You are free.

There is constant loss, and pain, and destruction in the world
we are all, at the same time, both the victim and the cause
of all this gut-slashing, unforgiving carnival of violence                      mental, physical and emotional distress
brought about by (not exactly the human nature itself, but,)
the conflict of our desires
towards all the random little everyday things                                     we don’t need

and                                      the way our impulses enslave us or detain us
from doing the right thing

instead of the



All I know is that if you lie still for a long enough time…
…the tears will stop flowing and absorb back into your skin
…the weather will change the mood of the whole landscape
…someone will knock, call, or simply appear

and share the air around the two of you

even if directly unable to lift up the sunken spirit
no matter what
there will be light.

When you stop wanting things so bad,
No longer a child staring intently at the lollipop
with the first sinful sweat drops crunched upon a hand’s fold

No longer an adolescent who’s night is tonight or never
with the inextinguishable, blind thirst for the inexperienced


…the temptation to throw everything away is always going to remain strong…

No, we have become unavoidably older,
able to imagine our lives lived before us
before they even know it
before we change
our minds

this kind of letting go of life
not only helps you realize how useless most things are

but also

empowers you beyond your impulse, your sense-experience
and your emotion.

No, I don’t want anymore
And if you want something of me, find someone else

I don’t desire the great wonders of the world anymore
As I desire peace

Of mind        Of body

Of earth

Stop using other people as you use yourself
Stop revenging your ancestors’ anger
Stop dreaming of the past,

and the future
It will come to you,
life, that is,
sit back and enjoy.

       You are free.


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