Buda in search of present

(written september 2014 in Budapest, to all my friends living in cities big enough to have metros)

A city is always a city
distraction, distraction, distraction

dis-traction, de-struction, distr-action!
“Where were we?”

Last time I checked you saw me at
the metro, then the market place
for some moments between stops and stalls
you saw me
and by the power of sight
of eyes flickering at the speed
of the world spinning around
I was split into

Though we tried so hard to be there
this cloud hovering in air,

The world around won’t even catch breath
full speed ahead

Let’s run into each other again
Doesn’t matter as long as we are together
Always and forever,
in fact

let’s leave the city and live of the land
there’s more time & space in the country

I started the conversation and you had already
jumped through the sliding doors

you didn’t hear me.






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