Day 3

God released me into this embodied
planetary existence
– no strings attached
merely a seed of light
in me
so I would always be a part of his essence
no matter how deep into
the waves of life would dive
even if I ran out of oxygen and sunk
deep to the bottom
the essence of oneness in me
would crystallize, magnetize
attract all the experiences I must go through,
even the shattering of the earth,
the drying of the sea
so much perceived suffering
so many rebirths
to learn the art of dying
to surrender our struggle
& find that essence in our hearts
again, feel the voice of God
echoing through each cell of me
beckoning the remembrance of home
it is everywhere
& all separation becomes illusion
Love the basis of all life
Celebration, Gratitude, Honoring
of the light essence
in the heart of every1.


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