Breath work

My body today
went through pain & bliss
the tongue burnt
the bowels bubbled
& evacuated all the food I ate
‘No more’ they said

I dreamed lucidly, dosing off
most of the day
I was kissed by the sun, rain & wind
-my feet remained dirt-ful

I tattooed a beautiful yoni-portrait
& received two words for my hands
the left reminding me of ‘impermanence’
& the right of ‘knowing gratitude’

I bathed in oil and flowers
I breathed a lot
loudly & silently
deeply, fast, with some urgency
and only got to the place
I never left
– blissful in between-
this life & death

I saw myself among the mountains
I felt the spiralling strings of light all over me
I felt moved but had nothing
to move for


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