What to say to the parts of myself I’ve abandoned?

All the internalized archetypes with different unfulfilled desires

The child in need of attention & intimacy
the touch of no intention

The virgin/whore & her bottomless desire to be of service
to the masculine principle,
to touch
the Heart of God
& to be consumed by every flame
from here to it

The mother of all empathy
weeping, soothing & feeding
birthing the pain of the world
& witnessing the becoming death of it

The grandmother of strong will & strict inheritance
she who lives in me with her own agenda
& the desire to fulfil ancestral wishes

The witch is also inside
making and breaking her own spells
in an effort to balance whatever systems

The actress with her power of deception
crying is what she knows
how to put on a show
born from shame of truths untold

The priestess of new dawn
with keys to release all
kill & resurrect the unborn


the benevolent light which exists
purely in & of its source
experiencing all
observing the world as one


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