A la montagne (Mulanji)

Gaining trust on the way up
Determined – this is my path
Tell them “I somehow knew”

Even getting lost is on purpose
discover my own course
until turning back is no longer an option
– the cliff is steep and only focus & grip
will move me past doubt

Waves of joy come with accomplishment
of not needing to sacrifice my life
just blood donations & love bruises
against the rockface

And as I watch the world below
go on at its own accord
I know the mountain is a metaphor
the only real way to gain
bird’s eye view
of How the time goes by, wind, water & sun
– earth changes colour – but here
the journey is done

I take a peaceful distance
to the world’s concerns
& wish everyone would come
Climb the Mountain!

I sing songs for the nature around
make a prayer for Malawi
Think positive thoughts
– maybe I am closer to God
maybe Jesus can hear me
Prayer is the phone call to –
meditation is waiting for the answer
– don’t be anxious to wish
put your heart’s voice into it
and wait for the moment to arrive.

Now it’s time to reverse direction
come down from the mountain
– yet that is the direction
of the most valuable challenge
– requires more clarity
more patience,
integrating the vision

But suddenly my eyes are so far
off the ground – my bag is heavy
and there’s no path to be found

Conquer fear, double the focus
let the grip slide, follow the flow
of the rockface, sound of the waterfall

The journey is the destination
so you’ve finally arrived
welcome to the in-between
wave at the treetops

Shaky legs and arms already
but no way to stop – Keep on
following the contours of the rocks
until you face the waterfall in its joy
&splendor – no one here to spoil
the path to peep in on the poetic bliss

Give rugged hands & feet the rest they need
but go on, down the mountain
to teach, to live, to be the preacher
of the greatest church of all – Nature.





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