End the gender wars

And now you say

how diseases come through
sex gone dirty and wild
under the masculine rule

so I respond
that it is time to let the women be
the queens of pleasure

In no way is it supposed to hurt
or be violent or demeaning
and act of love
truly knows no boundaries
in its innocent enjoyment
of each others’ flesh

There is no room for compromise
for any amount of suffering
-though- due to past trauma
on the battle field of genders
the expression of pure love
can awaken and release
the hurts & tensions

pains, losses,
shame and anger

even fear is there
of not being respected
and the guilt of letting
our incarnate temples
be sacrilege this way.

We are the beings to reclaim
the purpose of sexual
as the coming together of
two equals
in celebration
of the One Life
shared in passion
with the physical manifestation
of our souls, as honest
as they are bare
just there
in the sacredness of this
are the keys to the Heavens
and Bliss
through surrender.


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