Beloved Brother of Wandering Light

I am here to see you, support you and guide you
as a sister, as a mother, as another soul

who sees its own reflection

To love you unconditionally, fully in eternity & no time

I trust you not to demand of me
what I cannot be
your servant, your trophy, your shelter from the world

& the most precious gift you can give me
is to see you stand as your True Self
for the courage & cause you came for

Only then will I see the man in you
the One capable of anything he wills
The One who slayes and skins his own ego
sacrificing his shadow in altar of the goddess

Only then I can worship the lover in you
the One who stirs my stillness
with a power-over the visible surface

He who sees me Pure, Wild & Complete
yet risks his life to disturb my sleep
and carries me like the Ocean
and lays me down like the wind
and pierces me as the Sun

Yes I will lay my kisses on you
my father, my son, my brother, my love
when you resurrect the God inside you

& become burning glory
silent grace

so after our union
the world
falls back


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