STOP & GO – Freewriting in Durban

This is my manifesto on wet paper –
on the comfortable cage of safety and horror flicks
the backpackers surfer inn by the beach
which doesn’t make any sense
even the monkeys come & see us
the people inside electric fence
those once gallant creatures…
used to have codes & manners and
used to be humble in the eyes of nature

Now another beast has taken over the jungle
is what now pillages villages, rampages the townships
and terraces
There’s no bottom to the stomach of GREED
just bowels and bowels of indigestible so-called goods
– maybe make a song about all the stuff inside a candy bar
then explain to your children where their money is going
how that candy is providing for inequality
and toxicity of our habitats, bodies and brains
– there’s no end to it UNLESS

Here’s the owl’s eye staring back at the bull’s vessel
of blood trickling down like ketchup

Oh, God bless the land is arid the people are thirsty
but even more IGNORANT
where is the wisdom – WITHIN
Where is the power – IN UNION
Come BIG thunder storm throw this nation of the wall
we lost the garden game – come claim
your triumph

Lend your ears for I cannot see
there is too much smog in the horizon
and the waves are tough – they are fierce
like the people here – straight up
but nice and slow too things are happening
all the time I hear the world moving
I’ve seen the stars descending, moving past us
then all a sudden I just closed my eyes
and the landscape changed – the tribe changed

and We be the people of the evolution
What else can we do but live in the truth?
Where else to go but forward?
Up the valley, down the river into the See
Where is the shaman when you need – or don’t need hims at all
bring the male into balance
bring the roots into branches
the force is to unite

Even here by the beach I am flabergasted
by pollution of mindbodysoul- just accept
it and move on, go party, go
be clever or apply to university
and make yourself slave for life
not feeding yourself but an empty institutional vessel

pleasing your parents
with your career choices & fancy university diplomas
Africa doesn’t care
Give them the chance to go
to a better school – school of Life
not this colonial British bullshit funded by German Christians
to make all children forget their heritage and grab hold of greed
the bread of ignorance
Let’s make them like us
so they like us
will destroy our common future.

Earth belongs to All of Us.

buying food from other continents.
Everywhere is famine & war, drought & danger
but we can watch it & judge it in front of a billion monitors.
Consuming their salty peanuts, sweet bananas,& skinny chicken
feed that gaping hole of emotional imbalance and grow
your ignorance through the distance of the screen
& NOW! Oil is harvested in expense of the last gorillas, oragutangs, our neighbors – the only ones who could hold our hands
and guide us back to the REAL jungle, but
Tomorrow they won’t be there to watch us suffer
Go on, feed your hunger




We be the people of the evolution
What else can we do but live in the truth?
Where else to go but forward?
Up the valley, down the river into the See

Power should be FOR BY and OF the people
Don’t sit and wait any longer
This is not the way it is WAKE UP

March 2015


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