What about this war?

If we could just STOP – –

Shoot me down here but
I’ll pray to God for your anger to be at peace
and for your fear to drown in love

Open the news and stare at them
guns banners hungry men
Give them – –

What they stole from you
was already stolen from them

There is no indemnity for the soul

Dark forces one might call
that take over
Shards of man left by the pavement
waving a flag for vengeance

Do it or be done for

The sound of a screaming little girl
even the news can’t show
but you can re-sensitize your heart
then decency-tize
the international court of millions
of silently watching eyes
no laughter nor cry
since tomorrow hides
more atrocities

The dark in us all likes to hide
but shades of fear are splattered on faces in each street corner
Don’t talk to me

How about forgiving yourself first
for standing by while they, no the ‘I’ destructs
our common humanity

Bring a new angle in
Let’s begin
by embracing the enemy

‘I’ put my defense down
take a breath of surrender
make peace with my ignorance
for all the times I’ve stood by
watching the execution from home
annihilating my own empathy

Conscience – GUILTY – now testify
I’ve seen HUNDREDS die
I cannot stop this
It is too far away

This is not really happening – – 

There is no innocent bystander
let us continue the funeral procession
of our collective compassion
lose all hope
– – and bury fear with it.

Now, look at the eyes of a child
like your own
a child hiding in that face of unknown
call him home
feed him, bathe him, hold him with love
the only real security
in each others arms

Let’s throw the other ones away
so girls can play outside where the sun still shines
& learn to be mothers of their own will
Raise a world where people don’t hurt
because they are hurt
instead asking – and receiving
the other kind of arms . warm . soft . strong and supportive

the only answer
to war
(like many other questions)



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