For the Shamen

Before his eyes melted and his voice shattered
the fragments of illusions haunted his mind

Spirit flies before him
& touches the ones awakened
ready to be polished
to shine

His hands do the talking
and even the gentlest touch strips away the skin
exposes the layers unseen
is just a lifting of the veil

He speaks of battles with demons
as if it is his every day
& it is

Observing him amid the crowd, he knows
each one’s weakness, each one’s soul
his eyes open to other worlds

& yet, his heart like any other
forever young and curious
looking for the next miracle

His face ancient and new
recognizable through past lives
Now undisguised

He seems to know where he is going
and where we all came from

Today I thank the Spirit that I have met him
that he exists to me as a strong metaphor & proof
it is possible: to serve humanity

in its awakening – like a midwife
he is delivering souls to his side
welcoming to the infinite
expanding the divine





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